Portable Truck Scale Checklist

Prior to scale arrival

  • Sign and date all documents
  • Review the installation procedures
  • Verify that the area of installation is level and straight
  • Provide Truck Scale Rental with a delivery address and contact phone number
  • Verify that a crew and crane are scheduled to meet our truck

When the scale arrives

  • Direct our driver to the off-loading site
  • Mobilize the crane to the off-loading site
  • Remove all sections of truck scale from truck
  • Leave blocking on trailer for return use
  • Refer to installation manual for installation instructions
  • Verify that you have used the single point grounding technique that we require

Prior to scale pickup
(Please verify that that these are all completed prior to our truck arriving)

  • Verify the scale is operational and functioning properly
  • Disconnect indicator and stow wiring
  • Disconnect summing junction boxes and stow wiring
  • Verify that all stone has been removed from ramp area
  • Refer to installation manual for disassembly of scale
  • Remove wing plates from approaching bulkheads
  • Remove center section spacers from and place on top of module
  • Jack-up scale and insert travel locks at load cells
  • Verify that a crane is available when our truck arrives on site
  • Pressure wash all weigh bridge components
  • Verify that no rocks or other debris are on the scale that can pose a travel hazard

When our truck arrives for pickup

  • Ensure that the crane and riggers lift the scale properly onto our trailer
  • Verify that the indicator, printer, and cables are loaded in the truck
  • Verify that the bulkhead wiring plates are loaded in the truck
  • Verify that the center section spacers are loaded on the truck
  • Assist driver with tie-down procedure

Please ensure that all items are completed to avoid overtime and/or cleaning charges.